Cost: $325 for initial meeting then an estimate will be provided   

Commitment: Limited

Description: This is a limited commitment client relationship to provide advice, reports, or services on specific topics. This type of short term relationship can consist of meetings, behind the scenes work, collaboration with professionals, and projects. Examples could be a tax estimate, paycheck withholding calculation (W4), 401k investment allocation, 529 set up, divorce property table, business formation plan, and more.

Divorce Planning

Cost: $325 for initial meeting then, if further work is required, an estimate will be provided   

Commitment: None or Limited

Description: We want to be with you through this rough time. We can assist you in question such as ‘Can I afford to divorce my spouse?’ ‘How much will I get?’ ‘How much will I pay in child support?’ We can work with you, and if you consent, your attorney to assist in this life changing event. We can create property tables, allocate retirement accounts, meet with both you and your ex spouse to walk through a dissolution, among many other services we can provide. Let us be your advocate through this uncertain time. Whether you are in the beginning stages and want to know your options, are in the middle trying to keep your head above water, or are walking through the aftermath thinking “Now what?”, we can help.

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