Projects (Financial or Divorce)

Cost: Estimate based upon hours to complete project will be provided

Commitment: Limited

Description: This is a limited commitment client relationship to provide advice, reports, or services on specific topics. This type of short term relationship can consist of meetings, behind the scenes work, collaboration with professionals, and projects. Examples could be a tax estimate, paycheck withholding calculation (W4), 401k investment allocation, 529 set up, divorce property table, business formation plan, and more.

Divorce Program

Program Cost: $1,800

Optional add-ons: $600 each – ‘Child support calculation paperwork’ and/or ‘Divorce packet filing’

Commitment: Limited

Description: We are here to create a plan with you to get through this difficult time. Our Divorce Program involves outlining the divorce process, creating marital estate estimates, and going through the intricacies and best practices of marital asset and debt division options.

Before we have our Step 2 Discovery Meeting we will send you a request for documents and information. Getting us complete information with recent statements allows for the faster results.

Once the information we need is received we will have our Discovery meeting. This 2 hour meeting is where you ask any questions you have about the divorce process, we come up with a draft game plan, and obtain more information on your demographics and marriage.

It will take us about 2-3 weeks to create a customized marital property table that gives you a few options for asset and debt division. If you decided to include the optional add on work then those will be provided as well.

During this 2 hour meeting we will walk you through our recommendations so you can understand the why and how. You can also make in meeting updates to your property table so it suits your needs.

During the final one hour meeting we will go into depth regarding the best way to implement your chosen marital asset and debt division option. We go through the nuances, intricacies, and best practices of implementation.

Child Support Paperwork: We will fill out the ‘child support guideline affidavit’ and the ‘shared custody child support calculation’ paperwork.

Divorce packet filing: Want assistance filling out your Uncontested Divorce packet or your Dissolution packet to submit to the court? We can perform this service also.

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