Ongoing Planning & Investments

Description: This program is for those who are close to retirement, who are in retirement, or
for those who have an ongoing complex financial situation that needs ongoing assistance. We build an ongoing relationship to walk you through the Financial Wellness system, maintain that system, and provide peace knowing a real human has your back and cares. Have confidence in knowing  you have a person who has looked through your insurance policies, that your portfolio is diversified, we are collaborating with your tax professional, you have a plan for retirement, you can call/email anytime, and who is up to date on all legislation and market changes.

Commitment: We ask for at least a one year commitment with the intention of building a long term relationship. We will put our time and effort into this relationship and expect the same.

Overview of inclusions:

  • 2 – 4 meetings a year
  • Financial Roadmap
  • Unlimited emails & phone calls
  • Retirement, net worth & budgeting portal
  • Investments portal
  • Person dedicated to keeping up on markets, policy changes, and legislation shifts
  • Financial advocate calls
  • Ongoing support and accountability
  • Ongoing review and maintenance assistance in the 7 areas of Financial Wellness
  • Collaboration with your CPA, attorney, bookkeeper, etc.
  • An advisor who knows your name, your situation, and stands in your corner

Our process to achieve financial wellness

financial wellness process

specifics of whats included:

Cash Flow

  • Annual budget creation
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Portal to view net worth and budget tracking


  • Annual employer benefit election guidance (healthcare, FSA, HSA, retirement)
  • Health, home, renters, disability, umbrella, and life insurance recommendations

Tax Planning

  • Small business & rental income planning
  • Federal and state tax withholding analysis (W4)
  • Annual review of tax return pre and/or post submission
  • Scenario tax planning analysis
  • Roth conversion & Required Minimum Distribution estimates

Goal Funding

  • Detailed financial roadmap
  • Goal funding planning with investment recommendations


  • Retirement success assessment with Monte Carlo simulation
  • Long term portfolio optimization & withdrawal strategies
  • Roth vs pretax retirement contribution analysis

Estate Planning

  • Review of will, power of attorneys, healthcare directives, and trust documents


  • Risk tolerant investing & scheduled rebalancing
  • Investment allocations for retirement and goal savings accounts
  • Portal to view portfolio holdings & returns

Cost based upon income:

One-time Setup Cost: $1,000     Annual Cost: $4,800

One-time Setup Cost: $1,500     Annual Cost: $6,000

One-time Setup Cost: $2,000     Annual Cost: $7,200

*Monthly or quarterly payments for the Annual Cost are standard*

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