Ongoing Planning & Investments

Cost: See ‘Cost for Services’ button on Services & Fees page 

Commitment: Ongoing

Description: We build an ongoing relationship to walk you through the Financial Wellness system, maintain that system, and provide peace knowing a real human has your back and cares. Have confidence in knowing  you have a person who has looked through your insurance policies, that your portfolio is diversified, we are collaborating with your tax professional, you have a plan for retirement spending, and we are up to date on all legislation and market changes.

We ask for at least a one year commitment with the intention of building a long term relationship. We will put our time and effort into this relationship and expect the same.

what's included:

  • 2 – 4 meetings a year
  • Financial Roadmap
  • Unlimited emails & phone calls
  • Financial & budgeting portal
  • Investments portal
  • Person dedicated to keeping up on markets, policy changes, and legislation shifts
  • Financial advocate calls
  • Ongoing support and accountability
  • Ongoing review and maintenance assistance in the 7 areas of Financial Wellness
  • Collaboration with your CPA, attorney, bookkeeper, etc.
  • An advisor who knows your name, your situation, and stands in your corner

What we cover in your financial roadmap

financial advisor

Monthly cash flow tracking & budget creation

financial advisor

Debt paydown plan & annual credit report analysis

financial planning steps

Retirement planning with recommended investment implementation

financial planning steps

Tax & estate planning review

financial help

Insurance & employer benefits review

financial planning steps

Goal funding planning with investment recommendations

Our process to achieve financial wellness

financial wellness process

the 7 areas of financial wellness

financial wellness

Want to find out more? Wondering about getting started with us? Go to our Contact Us page to fill out our Contact Form for a no strings and no cost 20 minute introductory phone call. You tell us about what’s going on, we answer any questions, then get you on the schedule.