Find Your Long Lost Money...

find your long lost money

Find your long lost money…..

Ever wonder where that $100 you put into a credit union ten years ago went? Or where that credit you had when you stopped seeing that chiropractor went?


Did you know that each state has an unclaimed property program that requires businesses, banks, and governments to report money that it owes to you? There is an organization called the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) that ensures businesses stay in compliance with state laws regarding returning unused funds to the rightful owner.


Their website is which has an easily accessible list of each state’s unclaimed property program.


Just go to and select the state you currently live in. This will take you to your state’s unclaimed property program. From there just input your first name, last name, city, and zip code. You will immediately get a list of results that detail out who owes you, how much, and how to claim your money. Be sure to also search with your maiden name or previously held names.


For Alaska residents you can go directly to which is our state’s unclaimed property program. It’s super simple to use.


If you have ever lived in another state, or have family in another state, be sure to use to find that state’s program. Fill out your information within that program to find out if you have unclaimed property in that state also. You will have to do each state separately since each state’s program only keeps track of unclaimed property with in that state.