Financial Roadmap Program

     Commitment: 1-3 months

Description: If you feel confident in your ability to follow through on a financial plan; however, you want a certified expert to give you a clear and customized plan to follow, this is the option for you. A Financial Roadmap is best for young to middle aged individuals and families with more than 5 years until retirement. The entire process takes about 4-10 weeks and will involve you enacting our recommendations with minimal assistance.

What we cover in your financial roadmap

financial advisor

Monthly cash flow & budget creation assistance

financial advisor

Debt paydown plan & credit report analysis

financial planning steps

Retirement planning & investment recommendations

financial planning steps

Overview of tax & estate planning

financial help

Review of insurance & employer benefits

financial planning steps

Goal funding planning

What you walk away with example:

You will walk away with a customized Financial Roadmap that includes actionable items such as: 1) knowing to contribute xx% of your paycheck to your 401k allowing you to retire at age xx, 2) what is the best account type and amount to fund your kids education, 3) whether to contribute to a Roth or Traditional IRA, 4) that you need to get $xxx,xxx more in term life insurance, 5) lifetime access to a budgeting & retirement portal, 6) being diversified and invested appropriately in the best funds your employer offers, and more.

Cost based upon income:

Cost: 2% Annual Gross Income ($3,001 – $4,500 maximum)

*Payment plans available upon request*

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