Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

-Financial Planning Professional Education Program

         College for Financial Planning

Envestnet Award Recipient

         Center for Financial Planning

-Financial Planning Association Residency Graduate

        Financial Planning Association

-Bachelors in Finance with Investment Concentration

       University of Alaska

-10 years industry experience

Kassi Fetters
Kassi Fetters


Origination: I am a born and raised Alaskan.

Hobbies: Horses!! I am into most any equine sport but most recently three day eventing and you know it’s a real sport since it was in the Olympics. I also take advantage of any good weather, which we all know is short lived up here, during the summer to ride my Ducati. I am one of those odd people that enjoy going for a run. Also, I know I am supposed to like it, but I don’t enjoy fishing…..just getting that off my chest.

Favorite Animals: Horses, dogs, giraffes, and rhinos

Goals: To backpack through Europe, get my helicopter pilot license, and to train a goat to use the doggy door so it can live inside (made you laugh didn’t it).

Volunteer Work: President of local non-profit board of directors Equine Assisted Therapy Alaska who perform hippotherapy for the mentally and physically disabled community members of Anchorage.

Kassi Fetters
Kassi Fetters
Kassi Fetters
Kassi Fetters