Through programs and projects, that give education and assistance, we are here to provide access to Financial Wellness to the middle class.


Artica Financial Services was founded so that our middle class Alaskan community would have access to the necessary knowledge of our field. Historically, financial planning was exclusively for the higher socioeconomic classes; however, with the middle class now taking up slightly more than half the United States population, there has been a shift taking place. Financial planning has become a necessity for most households to obtain goals such as retirement, college funding, home ownership, business ownership, an adequate emergency fund, and more. By being CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and committed to being your ally, we are here to serve you in the small or large capacity that you need.

Core Beliefs

-Financial Wellness is a result of habits and behaviors that result in feelings of security, peace, and possibilities.

-Money is a powerful tool, not a force we’re at the mercy of.

-We are here for you. No judgements. No account minimums. Just the services you need at transparent costs.


With a flat cost for service based upon gross income. We strongly believe in transparent and fixed annual costs so you know exactly how much you will pay. Please go to our Services & Costs page to find out more.

Never. We are required to have a client agreement on file for project and program clients just to clarify the details; however, you can stop working with us at any time. Many clients come in asking for help setting up a 529 to fund college for their daughter or for assistance with a Roth IRA conversion then realize they would appreciate assistance in more areas. Whether you need one time or ongoing help we are here to provide service in any way you need.

We don’t believe in charging a % of assets we manage because there are
inherent conflicts of interest and this fee structure promotes a barrier
to entry for people who don’t have the minimum assets required to get
assistance. We charge with a scale that is based upon gross income. Simply put, add up what you and your spouse make in earned wages, pensions, IRA distributions, etc annually. From there go to our Services & Costs page to figure out exactly what you will be charged.

Nope. Our firm is different than most other financial services firms. By charging on a transparent scale based upon gross annual income, instead of a percentage of your portfolio, we get to include (instead of exclude) a large percent of our community.

Yes. We have a network of accountants, attorneys, bookkeepers, tax professionals, and counselors that we refer to regularly. We will even work collaboratively together so you get the best from all of us without having to be the middle person.

We usually recommend Vanguard or Shareholders Services Group as a custodian for non-employer plans because of their customer service and low cost. If you have an active employer plan then that account is captive and will have to stay where it is. Regardless of where your assets are held, you will always have instant online access to your money at each custodian. With us you will have a customized client portal to see your net worth, budget, and financial life all in one place.

We think working with us versus doing it yourself is like doing an engine rebuild on your car. You could watch YouTube videos, read articles, buy the needed tools, ask a mechanically inclined friend for assistance, etc. Doing it yourself might save you money in the short term but it will also probably take a lot of time, cause stress and frustration, and result in missing things you didn’t know to look for.

Some people are naturally gifted with numbers and money. You could do this on your own but you don’t have to. We want to be your Chief Finance Officer who keeps up on investments, economics, news, legislation changes, and deadlines which frees up your time for other things. We are a phone call or email away to answer all your questions. Let us do the work, so you don’t have to.

Within non-employer plans we use mutual funds that are highly rated, low cost, and diversified by sector and globally to regulate the risk associated with concentrating funds into a singular market. You will have a personalized investment strategy policy that includes individual timelines and objectives.

For employer plans we will select the best funds within your employer sponsored plans that also align with your investment strategy.