Through programs and projects, that give education and assistance, we are here to provide access to Financial Wellness for middle class Alaskans.


Artica Financial Services was founded by Kassi Fetters so that our middle class Alaskan community would have access to the necessary knowledge of our field. Historically, financial planning was exclusively for the higher socioeconomic classes; however, with the middle class now taking up slightly more than half the United States population, there has been a shift taking place. Financial planning has become a necessity for most households to obtain goals such as retirement, college funding, home ownership, business ownership, an adequate emergency fund, and more. By being CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, and committed to being your ally, we are here to serve you in the small or large capacity that you need.

Core Beliefs

-Financial Wellness is a result of habits and behaviors that result in feelings of security, peace, and possibilities.

-Money is a powerful tool, not a force we’re at the mercy of.

-We are here for you. No judgements. No account minimums. Just the services you need at transparent costs.