6 Month Intensive Program

Commitment: 6 months

Description: Stressed? Feeling unorganized? Ready to get your financial life in order ASAP? This is a 6 month intensive bootcamp where together we cover, update, and evolve all 7 Areas of  your Financial Wellness to create immediate and lasting change. This program includes a Financial Roadmap plus implementation assistance for all recommendations.We will meet at least monthly, talk by phone/Zoom biweekly, and email regularly through this intensive process. If you want a Financial Roadmap, and are ready to put in the effort, but also need guidance with implementation, this is for you.

ONLY consider this program if you are really ready to do a candid reflection on your current financial state, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. There is no short cut. This is a money boot camp guided by an expert. Be honest with yourself since this is a big monetary and time commitment.

By thoroughly reviewing each Financial Wellness area, making changes, getting organized, automating reminders/payments, and creating an enduring plan that works for all life throws at you, we can create lasting change. Have peace knowing a real human will guide you through this process.


What we cover in our intensive program

financial advisor

Biweekly cash flow tracking & budget creation

financial advisor

Debt paydown plan & credit report analysis

financial planning steps

Retirement planning & investment recommendations plus implementation

financial planning steps

Tax return review & withholding assessment & estate documents review

financial help

Insurance coverage review & employer benefits review

financial planning steps

Goal funding planning with investment recommendations

what's included:

  • Monthly in person meetings
  • Biweekly zoom or phone calls with spending reviews
  • Unlimited emails
  • Financial Roadmap
  • Action steps list with prioritization
  • Financial advocate calls
  • Ongoing support and accountability
  • Personal financial & budgeting portal
  • Thorough review of your 7 areas of Financial Wellness
  • An advisor who stands in your corner
  • Implementation assistance

Cost based upon income:

One-time Setup Cost: $1,000     Monthly Cost: $650

One-time Setup Cost: $1,500     Monthly Cost: $750

One-time Setup Cost: $2,000     Monthly Cost: $950

Want to find out more? Wondering about getting started with us? Go to our Contact Us page to fill out our Contact Form for a no strings and no cost 20 minute introductory phone call. You tell us about what’s going on, we answer any questions, then get you on the schedule.