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who we serve best

We have extensive knowledge with employees and retirees from:

State of Alaska 

The State of Alaska Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and Teachers Retirement System (TRS) are as unique as Alaska is. If you are an employee or retiree we are here to assist you in navigating this comprehensive system. Whether you are in Tier 1 with a pension plan or a Defined Contribution Tier we can help you get the most out of the benefits available to you.

Local Unions

You work hard everyday to provide our community with essential services, so let us work hard for you. Each union has it’s own benefits and opportunities available to its participants. We are here to help you get the most out of those options and using them to the fullest.


We truly appreciate the commitment you made to your country and want to get you the most out of your service. We can walk you through determining what your points history gets you, buying back your service for credit in a civilian position, what medical benefits you get, how to read your LES, or just getting your PFD since you’ve been out of state for the service. We have the knowledge and capability, let us protect you like you have protected us.


The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) is a defined benefit and defined contribution system. FERS became effective in 1986 after replacing the CSRS system. Within the extensive benefits of being a participant in one of these systems also comes many nuances that you don’t want to miss.  We are here to assist you in getting the most out of this system.

How we can help

One & Done Options
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Do you just need a meeting with a professional to ask a few questions you want expert advice on? Our One & Done Meeting sounds like you.

Do you feel confident in your ability to follow through on a financial plan but want a certified expert to give you a customized plan to follow? Our One & Done Financial Roadmap is for you.


6-12 Month Intensive
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Are you ready to see change in your financial life, do you want assistance with implementing the change, are you not sure where to start? If all of the above sounds correct then this is the option for you. We provide a 12 month intensive relationship to create Financial Wellness systematically. If this resonates then our 6-12 Month Intensive is for you.

Ongoing Planning+Investments
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Want someone in your corner? Maybe you’re busy being a professional, caring for the kids, or just enjoying your retirement. We develop an ongoing relationship to walk you through the Financial Wellness system, maintain that system, and provide peace knowing a real human has your back and cares. Take a look at our Ongoing Planning & Investments.

Projects & Divorce
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Need help setting up a 529 or are you tired of always having to send more money to the IRS at tax time? We can provide advice, reports, or consult on specific topics with our Projects service.

Divorces are stressful to say the least. We can assist you in any stage of the process and will even work with your attorney. Contact us about our Divorce services.